Yes Way Rosé

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Yes Way Rosé is Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir, best friends who went to high school together in Baltimore and then moved to New York, where they fell in love with rosé over many summer nights together. Always very casual wine drinkers, Erica and Nikki became captivated by the Provençal rosés they’d started trying. They loved how the sheer presence of a beautiful bottle and that pale pink color could elevate any experience, so they started Yes Way Rosé in 2013 on Instagram as a way to capture the spirit of their favorite wine and to share the many ways it inspired them. Since then, they’ve developed the concept into a brand with a collection of tees and tote bags, a nail polish partnership with Tenoverten, and Summer Water — their collaboration wine with us!

Accolades and Current Projects (link to)

Yes Way Rosé

Wine Enthusiast’s 2015 “40 Under 40”

Nail polish collaboration with Tenoverten

Summer Water, a collaboration wine with Club W

What do you love most about your job?

For starters, it doesn’t feel like a job. We get to constantly create, learn, and build a business that started very innocently over some rosé-filled dinners. Then there’s the part that this is a partnership between best friends, and we’re going on this unexpected, wild ride together. We also love all of the amazing people we meet — and the wine, of course.

What’s your favorite place to eat, drink, or play?

For eating: crab feasts in Baltimore.

For drinking: Wild Air on the Lower East Side, Four Horsemen in Williamsburg, Lois in the East Village, and Dante in Greenwich Village for the Negronis.

For playing: Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint, our favorite wine shop where we can act like kids in a candy store. And Le District, a huge French food market at Brookfield Place in downtown Manhattan.

If you were throwing a dinner party and could invite anyone, who would it be?

David Bowie, the Traveling Wilburys, Serena Williams, and Beyoncé.

Who’s your palate icon?

We have a bunch! First, Club W's Brian Smith. Before we knew Brian, we were obsessed with his rosé — Jolie Folle. The nautical label is one of our all-time favorites. We also admire Lorenza's Michele Ouellet and Melinda Kearney — beautiful rosé makers with impeccable taste. Our guru for eating well: Elizabeth Stein of Purely Elizabeth. And Meg McNeil — she runs Dandelion Wine and is the best rosé-tasting partner. She has introduced us to so many delicious wines from around the world!

Who or what do you consider your biggest influence?

All of the incredible winemakers and girl bosses we meet.