Josh Adler

Boutique Wine Exporter

Josh fell in love with French wine the old-fashioned way; sipping Pinot Noir in 18th century cellars while working as a bicycle tour guide in Burgundy. Nearly a decade later, he’s still at it, sharing the love for authentic, delicious wine with people around the world through his business, Paris Wine Company, where he makes it possible to travel the country by glass through his online shop, club and tastings. Prior to starting Paris Wine Company, Josh spent three years developing relationships with exceptional producers around France as the wine director at Spring Restaurant. A longtime resident of San Francisco where he worked as the wine buyer at Bi-Rite Market, Josh also managed to leave a lasting impression at two successful nonprofits he co-founded: 18 Reasons, a food and art center; and The Bike Kitchen, a self-service bicycle repair shop. Today Josh lives in Paris and is able to source amazing wines thanks to a list of contacts built up over a decade in the business and by spending as much time as possible traveling around the vineyards of France in his vintage Peugeot 205.

Accolades & Current Projects
Paris Wine Company

What you love most about your job
Being able to build relationships with amazing winemakers in France. And being able to drink the great wines they make with friends and family.

Favorite places to eat/drink/play?
Paris is a wine and food lover's playground. A shortlist of favorites would be around Metro Voltaire in the 11th arrondissement - Septime, Clamato, Bones, La Buvette, CheZaline, Le Dauphin, Chateaubriand, Les Quilles, and Bistro Paul Bert are all within a short walk of each other, and all amazing places to eat and drink.

If you were throwing a dinner party and could invite anyone it would be...
A small group of friends from the many places I've lived. I like intimate gatherings where everyone can talk to each other. 6-8 people is my ideal.

Palate Icon
Pascaline Lepeltier at Rouge Tomate in NYC is a great
sommelier, and very curious about trying new things, which is important. I also like tasting wine with chefs - they have reactions that are very different to sommeliers. Daniel Rose at Spring is a great taster. 

Biggest Influence
I learned so much working with Sam Mogannam at Bi-Rite Market in San Francisco - not only about food and wine, but also about how to work with passion and integrity.