Grant Ebert

Winemaker, Sommelier

While studying Agriculture at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, I was immersed in Central Coast wine culture. I started taking wine classes at Cal Poly just because I thought wine was different and interesting. After my first harvest in Edna Valley, I was hooked. Breathtaking vineyards, beautiful wines and people inside and out. I've made wine in various appellations throughout California ever since.

San Mateo, CA

Accolades & Current Projects
Co-founder and Winemaker at Best Coast Wines

What you love most about your job?
Story telling. I love talking to people who share my excitement with life.  Nothing beats a smiling face behind a big glass of wine.

Favorite place to eat/drink/play?
Eat: Nopa in San Francisco: Consistently blown away by the food and the staff. A++
Drink: The Wine Room in Palo Alto: How a wine bar should be. Sports in the front, fireplace and couches in the back. 30 wines BTG. Friendliest wine bar you'll ever go to.
Play: Put me in the ocean or in the redwood forest and I’ll be just fine.

If I were throwing a dinner party and could invite anyone...
Wayne Gretzky. I'm a huge hockey fan and I hear "the Great One" is making wine these days up north.

Favorite place to travel?
Big Sur

Palate Icon
Colin McNany, Winemaker, La Honda Winery

Biggest influence
Tom Leaf, Cellarmaster, Winery SF

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