Aaron Forman

Sommelier // Restaurateur

Aaron got his first introduction to the world of wine at the young age of sixteen. “I was having dinner at my bestest buddy's parents’ house, and I sipped a little Mon-te-pul-ci-ano!” he says. “A wine I have come to respect and understand, but at the time it simply tasted wonderful." Aaron now co-owns and serves as the sommelier at a nationally recognized and award-winning restaurant in Denver.

Accolades and Current Projects

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Tequila Proximus

What do you love most about your job?

Bringing amazing wines to your front door.

What’s your favorite place to eat, drink, or play?

Denver, San Francisco, New Orleans, New York. And, of course, Chicago.

If you were throwing a dinner party and could invite anyone, who would it be?

My friends — past, present, and future — with a dusting of Winston Churchill, Meryl Streep, Hunter S. Thompson, Nicki Minaj, and Bill Clinton.

Who’s your palate icon?

For wine: Oz Clarke. For food: Thomas Keller.

Who or what do you consider your biggest influence?

My crazy, beautiful family.

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