Work to Wine with Eva Longoria

Category: Life

For obvious reasons, we at Winc are loving Eva Longoria’s new wine-inspired collection for The Limited. So we jumped at the chance to chat with the actress and entrepreneur about work, wine and everything in between. 

Hi, Eva. Congratulations on launching your new casual wear collaboration with The Limited! We love all the wine references. What inspired the collection? 
Well, everybody who knows me knows I'm obsessed with wine. I think it's wine o'clock somewhere in the world at all times. I thought it would be really fun to do graphic tees with wine themes!

Why do you call your collection “Work to Wine”?
I wanted women to have a versatile wardrobe for both the work day, and be able to carry that outfit into the night. I feel like so many women have two separate wardrobes; one for work, and one for going out. Why not create a line that could do both?

What’s your favorite wine experience?
I'm a big fan of California Cabs, so every time I'm in Napa Valley I have the best time discovering new vineyards, new wines, and new vintages. It's truly heaven on earth.

If you could have a glass of wine with anyone (past present or future) who would it be?
George Washington

If you hadn’t become an actress what would you have done in life?
I would have been an entrepreneur and business women, which is what I do now outside of acting. For me, it's always about creating, whether it's as an actor or as an entrepreneur.

What wine style best suits your personality?
Really bold Cabernets or bold Bordeauxs. (We think she'd love our 2015 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon!)

When you’re popping champagne this holiday, what will you be celebrating for?
For my blessed, blessed life; my family, my health, my friends, my career. I have a lot of things to be thankful for and toast.