Women's History Month Event: Winc x Novella NYC

Category: Drink

From the nationwide women’s marches to the presence of ‘Time’s Up’ both on and off the red carpet, it’s certainly been a good year for the celebration and empowerment of women. Inspired by strong women in our own office, and in recognition of Women’s History Month, we are constantly looking for creative ways to show our support and uplift our fellow females. What greater reason is there to ‘cheers’ than sisterhood, anyway?

Winc recently partnered with Novella NYC, a writing club and storytelling salon for women. Not only does storytelling and a glass (or two) of wine go hand-in-hand, but we were immediately impressed by the group’s mission to provide women with a space to “respond to the world through written and spoken word” and its dedication to “amplifying voices often unheard and creating a destination where all girls, women, and femme-identifying are invited to share their experiences.”

We joined Novella NYC and it’s community of talented and influential female writers at the Lou & Grey flagship store in Manhattan, where storytelling in all forms, from shorts stories to poems to scripts, were exchanged and read aloud while sipping on Winc’s Cape Route Chenin Blanc and Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir. Attendees had the opportunity to deliver praise and applause, as well as feedback and reassurance. One poet in particular moved the group when she shared a series of touching and eloquent poems that were written in response to the evening’s creative theme of ‘space.’

Winc was honored to be included in an event like this - one that’s rooted in female friendship and based upon the willingness of a group of women to share openly with one another. As steadfast believers that sharing a great bottle of wine is a way to enhance life’s greatest moments, both big and small, we knew our participation in Novella NYC’s salons would perfectly complement Winc’s thoughtfully made wines. Not matter how you decide to spend Women’s History Month, we encourage you to recognize the influential women who came before you and all of the strong females in your own lives, whether mothers, daughters, sisters or friends - and don’t forget to raise a glass as you do so!


Learn more about @NovellaNYC and @LouandGrey on Instagram and follow the Winc journey here.