What's Your House of Cards Wine Personality?

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Season 3 of Netflix’s monster hit might’ve been polarizing, but we’re willing to bet you’ll still tune into House of Cards when the fourth installment of the binge-worthy series premieres on March 4. And when you do, here’s the wine you should drink based on your favorite character. It’s your House of Cards wine personality! (Spoilers ahead.)

Frank Underwood // 2013 DIME Red Blend

#FU2016, are we right? Cunning, ruthless, and mercilessly power-hungry, Francis “Frank” Underwood is among the cleverest, most manipulative villains ever to grace the small screen. He’s corrupt and authoritative, with the lack of scruples necessary to do literally whatever it takes to get to the top. (Murdering Peter Russo in his own car after single-handedly engineering the destruction of his political career? Yeah.) So: dark, complex, and powerful with a strong backbone? Bonjour, Bordeaux. Try our badass, bold DIME.

Claire Underwood // 2014 Capuchon Reserve “Roi du Nord” Syrah

Frank might be the President, but it’s Claire who commands the most attention as First Lady. She’s regal, intriguing, and loyal to a fault (yes, she cheats on Frank, but she’s always by her husband’s side when it really matters — until the end of last season, that is). Fiercely individual and wickedly smart with a curiously vulnerable humanity at her core, she is arguably the most nuanced character on House of Cards. The only choice to match her captivating mystery and complexity? A majestic French Syrah like our Capuchon Reserve.

Doug Stamper // 2014 Alma Libre Red Blend

After returning at the beginning of Season 3 post-head bashing by Rachel, good ol’ recovering alcoholic Doug Stamper spent the subsequent 12 episodes relearning how to walk, battling a relapse, and engaging in some serious political subterfuge, ultimately landing right where he started: by Frank’s side. He might look unassuming, but Doug never fails to surprise — so we paired him with an unexpectedly spicy Chilean red blend.

Zoe Barnes // 2015 WKND Sparkling Chenin Blanc

Yeah, we know she didn’t make it past the premiere of Season 2 — but Zoe Barnes is still one of the most memorable characters to ever emerge from House of Cards (or at least the one with the most memorable death). An ambitious young journalist with a calculating, unethical approach to furthering her career, Zoe met an abrupt end when then-VP Frank shoved her in front of an oncoming train. In an effort to mix things up a bit (dark characters = dark wines), we went tongue-in-cheek here and chose to commemorate Zoe’s young life with a young sparkling Chenin Blanc.

Rachel Posner // 2015 Pacificana® Chardonnay

One of the most tragic characters on the show, Rachel Posner had a spectacularly rocky run until Doug finally took care of business at the end of Season 3. While she was with us, though, Rachel was the unfortunate object of Doug’s misguided affections and the unlucky pawn in Frank’s takedown of Peter Russo. All Rachel ever wanted to do was live her life — which is exactly why we paired her with the forever-misunderstood California Chardonnay. They’re not always butterbombs!

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