Introducing Winc x Matt Bellassai

Category: Life

When we first saw comedian and social media phenom Matt Bellassai’s video series “Whine About It”, we laughed, we laugh-cried and then we thought to ourselves: wouldn’t it be nice if he actually enjoyed all the wine he’s chugging?

One big career leap (for Matt) and a first-time comedy collaboration (for us) later, we’ve made it happen. Named after his latest web series, To Be Honest is a blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Grenache and per Matt’s request, it’s easy enough to drink a whole bottle of. Unfamiliar with Matt’s People’s Choice Award-winning hilarity? Read on.

After getting his start — and his huge following — at Buzzfeed, the self proclaimed “professional drunk” went out his own to pursue comedy. Current projects include his Drunk and Alone Tour, creating his own To Be Honest video series and making appearances at various important places like Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show. To get the full Matt Bellassai experience, check out his videos, drink the wine, watch how it was made and get ready to rant.