Should You Change Your Wine with the Seasons?

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If you live in a place with actual seasons, it’s likely you know what we’re talking about when we say “seasonal drinking.” But for those of you who live in perpetually sunny and hot Los Angeles or might not have a clue why you wouldn’t just drink rosé all year (disclaimer: you can), we’re about to hit you up with some wine-ducation.

So, the question: should you change your wine with the seasons?

The answer: absolutely.

The other answer: do whatever your heart desires.

Here’s the thing, friends. “Seasonal drinking” refers to the practice of switching up your vino (or whatever your alcohol of choice might be) depending on the general weather situation. So, if it’s summer, you’re sippin’ on rosé and crisp whites. Autumn and winter mean it’s time to dust off your deeper, more serious reds, and spring says lighter reds like Pinot Noir and sweeter whites.

From red to white and everything in between — you can have it all!

Like any major decision in life, choosing what to drink on any given day comes with both pros and cons. (Yes, what to pour in your glass is a major decision!)

The biggest pro of changing your wine with the seasons has to be the expansion in your drinking horizons. Inevitably, if you’re drinking different things depending on what Mother Nature’s got cookin’, you’re going to try some new drinks and fall head over heels for at least one of them.

Thought you didn’t like Riesling because it’s sweet? “PSYCH,” says Spring, as it introduces you to a delightfully crisp, off-dry style that you come back to year after year.

Riesling with a sweater? Yep, you can do it! Instagram // @tobebright

On the other hand, if you hold yourself to only drinking what’s “in season,” per se, you’ll miss out on the bring-tears-to-your-eyes joy of drinking a lean, elegant Pinot Noir in the dead of summer.

What’s the verdict, then? Our opinion: you should definitely drink seasonally, but you should also do whatever the hell you want. If your heart tells you to bundle up in a sweater next to a fireplace with a goblet full of a deep, rich Cabernet Sauvignon, you should one hundred percent listen to it. If, though, you feel like filling that glass with Sauvignon Blanc? You do you!

What we will say, though, is that changing your wine with the seasons allows you to experience a much wider spectrum of reds, whites, and rosés than if you cling to the same style year-round. Wine is a glorious experience, so drink your Summer Water whenever you want — but don’t forget to leap out of your comfort zone on the regular!

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