An Interview with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Co-Founder of Foodstirs

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Sarah Michelle Gellar became a household name as Buffy, and now she’s expanding her empire with a new culinary venture: Foodstirs, a company dedicated to bringing families together through memorable experiences in the kitchen. We partnered with Sarah and her Foodstirs team on a pairing for our new Wonderful Wine Co. Red Blend — and when they came up with these game-changing, ultra-easy espresso brownie fries, we knew we had to ask the former vampire slayer and mom of two for the Foodstirs story. Read our interview below for Sarah’s inspirational words and her top baking tips!

All photos courtesy of Foodstirs

What was your inspiration for Foodstirs?

Three years ago, two of my best friends (and fellow moms) noticed we were watching society becoming constantly more “connected” while simultaneously becoming more and more “disconnected.” Knowing the benefits of creating memorable experiences in the kitchen, we became inspired by the trend of DIY food projects. We saw a great opportunity to develop a unique, mission-driven brand and to create better-tasting, better-quality products that would encourage true connections in the kitchen.

We spent the next year creating our signature baking mixes, sourcing the best-quality ingredients, and developing the recipes so they’d be as tasty as possible. Clean labeling and transparency were very important to us — but most important was how we could use these products to help other people experience the true joy that comes when you unplug and actually connect.

We wanted to represent the emotional side of food so our customers would know that Foodstirs is about something bigger. We wanted other people to experience the same love and joy we find by being in the kitchen.

Have you always been a baker, or is it a recently developed hobby?

I was definitely more of an eater than a baker before my kids’ interest motivated me to get in the kitchen. They were so interested in not just consuming the great treats but in really learning how to create. Their enthusiasm was infectious, and we really began to have these incredible experiences while we learned together.

Starting a business is always tough, but it's even more so when you've already got a successful and busy career. How have you juggled all your responsibilities, and what's been the most surprising thing about beginning your own venture?

A lot of wine! In all seriousness, it takes a village. I’ve learned to depend on my loved ones for support and help. As a type A personality, this has probably been the hardest part for me. I’m usually the person who wants to do everything myself, but now I now understand that’s not a realistic expectation.

What's your favorite cooking or baking memory?

I’m the only child of a single mom who loved to cook, so we were in the kitchen a lot. Baking always makes me think of those special times we had together — and now I get to create those same memories with my own kids (and my mom, too!).

Favorite thing to cook or bake?

Why, Foodstirs, of course!

Favorite wine?

Since I moved from New York and now live in a climate that’s warm all year-round, I’ve definitely been drinking more and more rosé. Nothing’s better than a beach sunset and a glass of rosé. (Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc is also nice on that same occasion!) That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a full-bodied Merlot with a great dinner, though.

We're constantly looking for baking and decorating advice from experts. Can you give us your foolproof tips?

Ultimately the most important and most valuable advice I can give is to not let baking intimidate you. Being creative is such an important outlet that we sometimes forget about as busy adults. That’s just one of the many reasons why I’m so proud of what we’ve created. We’ve really tried to make all our kits as simple and foolproof as possible. Hey, if I can make them — you can too!

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