Meet the Winemaker: Biodynamic Pioneer Bertie Eden

Category: Life

Bertie Eden is a rebel at heart. Born the son of an English lord and the great-nephew of a former British prime minister, Eden seemed destined for a life of politics — until, of course, he picked up and moved to the South of France to pursue his passion for winemaking.

He found his home amongst the rolling hills and rugged natural beauty of the Languedoc, the oldest wine region in France and one of its most storied. The Languedoc, like all of France’s winemaking areas, is known for tradition — venerated winemakers and wineries and respected, age-old wines (such as the prestigious Bordeaux blend and "GSM" blend, among many others).

So it’s even more impressive, then, that Eden is unabashedly and in fact assuredly changing the game. He practices biodynamic winemaking, taking the utmost care throughout each step of the process and maintaining a loving, near-reverent respect for the environment. (Of the Languedoc's extraordinary atmosphere, he says it's the "most beautiful, wonderful place to be.")

He is, undoubtedly, a renegade. His techniques and philosophy have quantifiable merits not only for the quality and nature of his wines, but for the Earth and its climate as well. Eden focuses on "growing" the wine — in other words, paying close attention to the grapes throughout the entire process to yield the best final product possible. He never manipulates the grapes to be anything they're not, which is just another facet of his all-natural process!

We're excited to present the second vintage of our collaboration with Eden: the 2015 Pas Ordinaire Saint-Chinian Blend. Made with hand-picked grapes and aged in small concrete tanks before bottling, this classic Saint-Chinian blend handsomely illustrates the terroir of the Languedoc by showing off the rugged beauty of the region's red wines. Though it's a touch brighter than last year's, our newest Pas Ordinaire evokes that same pleasant rusticity, with deep red fruit and abundant pepper (white, black, and pink) on the nose.