How to Win Tailgate

Category: Life

Ah, football season. Good friends, camaraderie, competition, chips, dips, childhood dreams, and wine. Yes, wine. While it might not be the drink that first comes to mind while picturing pigskins, it happens to be as varied and complex as the teams competing, as enjoyable as victory itself (making wine is harder than making beer, so there). It’s also a great topic of conversation during the commercial break, and the act of pouring a glass of wine for someone is one of generosity. We’ll drink to that.

There is a wine for every kind of football event - tailgates, Monday night football, weekend games and night games. And we’re here to help you pick the winning wines for each.


Where portability and ease is key, RUZA Cans are welcome. This slightly spritzy rosé pairs great with many tailgate regulars: potato chips, sour cream and onion dips, chicken wings and even the more highbrow cheese and crackers.


For a day game, why not keep the rosé train going? Rosé and hot dogs are two peas in a pod, and rosé’s easy-drinking quality means you can drink it all day. Whether your team wins or not, it’s a touchdown every time. Plus, brosé is a thing, guys, it’s not just for the ladies. Try Cocomero Rosé. Likewise, bubbly is perfect for any occasion, and ESPECIALLY if your team takes the win. Keep the Finke’s Widow Sparkling White Blend on hand for some excessive celebration!


If you’re going to go hard on a Monday, maybe consider doing so with a lighter red, like Porter & Plot Dolcetto or Field Theory Touriga Nacional. These wines are perfect for the fall weather, are versatile for pairing, and most importantly, keeping it light on Monday night will keep your Tuesday morning from being too painful.


For that Friday or Saturday night game, turn it up a notch with some heartier reds and fire up the grill. Fuller reds like Kin & Country Primitivo or  Ace in the Hole Red Blend are ideal here.