How To Take Instagram Worthy Wine Photos

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In the middle of summer and into the fall season, you may find yourself picnicking along the colored florals and warm sun with a bottle (or two) of white, rosé, or even a full bodied red. Of course, you will be wanting to share these moments with your friends on social media! With glares, reflections, and all too often logo-soaked wine glasses, taking the perfect photograph of wine can often be tricky. Luckily for you, I have some great tips to keep in mind when you pull out your smartphone to take a few snapshots.

Natural Lighting. I can’t stress this enough! Even if you are not outside, find a window where you can allow the light to illuminate your glass.  This will enhance the look and color of your wine. Never, ever use flash! It can not only ruin the look of the wine, but can produce terrible glares on the glass.

Angles, angles, angles. So you want to capture the great time you’re having but want to create a unique photograph? It’s easy peasy if you play with angles. Try standing up and aiming your lens right above your glass. You can also bend down lower to get on the same level as your wine glass to make the photograph interesting. Get in close with your camera to avoid unflattering backgrounds like a dark doorway or an unattractive wall inside that restaurant you’re eating at.

Get creative! You’ll most likely be sippin’ away next to some beautiful fresh flowers, fine cheeses or other great food pairings. Include those in the frame to create a true lifestyle shot. Plus, you’ll always remember how good the small bites paired with that Riesling you loved. Is the lonely wine cork and opener sitting next to your glass? Add those into the shot, but not as the main focus, for a more real life photograph. Don’t forget to include the bottle in the frame if you want to remember what kind you were sipping on!


Filters. We’ve all seen that same flat image of a wine glass that is under lit and dull. And honestly, those photographs are all too often uploaded onto social media, unimpressive if you ask me! Make your image stand out by using filters. When choosing the perfect one, you want to make the image appear to be as natural as possible. Don’t pick a filter that will make your light pink rosé turn into a yellow or orange color. It will be unnatural if you do that. Have a smart phone? My go to photo editing application is Afterlight. Unlike the standard Instagram, filters we’ve all seen again and again, their filters are subtle but produce fabulous effects. You can also use it to add a small light leak or simple border. When it comes to choosing filters on a glass of wine, less is more! 

So remember, when capturing the lovely wine you are sipping on, share it in style! Be unique, pay attention to lighting and angles, then choose the perfect filter to share the best image you can with your friends and family!

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Tiffany Ingram is the author of the blog Sunshine Daydream Photography based in San Francisco with a focus on California travel and lifestyle. Tiffany captures life and all things lovely through the lens of a camera. Developing her passion for photography over the past 7 years, she strives to photograph the pristine beauty and simple bliss in California's beautiful hidden and not so hidden gems.