5 Tips on How to Remove Red Wine Stains

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Scenario 1:  You're at a party wearing your new favorite shirt and that dreaded moment happens - someone bumps into you and spills red wine...right..on..your..beloved shirt. yikes.

Scenario 2: You're hosting a housewarming party and your friend gets a little too tipsy and spills wine on your expensive couch. ouch. 

While we can't help you completely avoid these moments, and hope there is never a scene as horrible as the photo below, we can do two things. First, provide tips on how to save your precious item when that panic-worthy moment occurs and second,  keep the wine flowing (in your cups) by sending you wine every month from our wine club.

With help from Joybird, here are 5 tips on how to get red wine out, even in the craziest of situations...

Tip 1: act fast

The golden rule – you must act quickly. The faster you get to work, the less of a chance it has of "setting" and becoming permanent. Two ways of doing this - first? Take a moment to breathe so you can skip the panic stage and start fixing the problem. Second-  assemble a "wine-stain removal kit" before you host people at your place so it will be ready in that dreaded moment that someone spills wine on your new couch, or favorite rug. (bonus: you'll look like a domestic pro in front of your friends) 

Tip 2: dab, never rub

The first action that comes to mind tends to be scrubbing the spill frantically, trying to fix the mistake. Rubbing the spill ends up deepening the stain into the fibers of the fabric and actually does the exact opposite of lifting the stain out. Instead, take a paper towel and dab up and down, getting as much moisture out of the stain as possible. This is the first step to getting the stain out successfully.

 Tip 3: club soda + salt

Two items that you should always keep close are club soda and salt.  Pour a liberal amount of soda over the stain and then cover the entire area with salt (unrefined salt is best). Gently press the salt into the stain and let it sit over night. The next morning, simply vacuum the salt and voila - it's like nothing ever happened!

Tip 4: dishwashing liquid + hydrogen peroxide solution

If the stain is a little more extravagant or has dried a bit already, a solution of one-part dish soap and 3 parts hydrogen peroxide is magical when breaking up the colors of red wine, while also lifting the stain from the fabric. Mix the solution ahead of time and then pour on the stain, leaving it to soak. Note: you may have to reapply a couple of times before seeing results, but as the solution dries, you should see the stain completely disappear!

Tip 5: white wine

Now, although we'd rather you drink your white wine, this is a trick that we love! It's pretty much fighting fire with fire. While it doesn't always work perfectly, it is a great option when left with no other tools. Grab a bottle of white wine (sauvignon blanc, riesling, pinot grigio - whichever you like) and pour on the stain. Start dabbing with a paper towel and watch as the white wine breaks up the red wine and stops it from setting. Pretty amazing.

Bonus: invest in safeguard fabrics

For those of you who ultimately know a spill is bound to happen, Joybird makes furniture that is literally stain resistent. Their safeguard fabrics work so well that you can actually spill an entire bottle and the only thing you will be stressed about is the wine that you weren't able to drink. Don't believe us? Check out this video to see how their couch made it through the ultimate wine disaster!

And there you have it, 5 tips to getting red wine stains out. Cheers!