Pairing in-home massage and red wine the right way, with Winc and Zeel

Category: Drink

Unwinding at home is one of the great luxuries of life. And there are two ways to relax in your personal space that are both healthy and luxurious - massage and your Winc wine delivery.

What’s that, you say? You want to combine massage at home and wine? Thanks to our friends at Zeel, the Massage On Demand® company, that’s no problem. 

Massage and wine: a great at-home pairing

Of course, when it comes to wine, it makes sense to indulge responsibly. And that goes double for combining wine (or other kinds of alcohol) and massage. A glass of wine before a massage is acceptable, but for best results, soothe yourself with a massage first and save the vino for when you’re revelling in your post-massage bliss.

Zeel’s massage types:

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is terrific for overall wellness and stress relief. If you have a pounding headache, feel achy, or want to boost your immune system, Swedish massage is the right choice for you. Sounds like an ideal match for a light-hearted, easy to drink red like the 2016 Field Theory Touriga Nacional.

Sports massage

A sports massage is a great pick for anyone who’s getting ready for some physical activity, or who wants to avoid injury. It combines many techniques, like deep tissue massage to break up knots, stretching to make joints more flexible, and Swedish massage to improve circulation. Sports massage pairs well with a cabernet, like the 2016 Matchlock Cabernet Sauvignon.

Deep tissue massage

Choose a deep tissue massage for those painful moments, when you have a spasm in your back or pain in your neck. A deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue surrounding muscles). Once you’re reinvigorated yourself with a deep tissue massage, it makes sense to opt for an equally vibrant grape like the 2016 Capuchon Cargnane.

Couples massage

Sometimes you want to double down on R&R and get a massage together - two massage therapists, two massage tables, one bottle of wine. We’re choosing this heartbreaker Pinot Noir - 2016 Folly of the Beast Pinot Noir - to celebrate your solid relationship - the perfect capper to a massage and relaxing evening in.