Skip the Milk // We Paired Girl Scout Cookies with Wine!

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If you’re a human, you love Girl Scout Cookies. It’s really that simple. Now’s the time of year when visions of Thin Mints and Tagalongs dance in our heads, so we did the only thing we could think of to make these perennial favorites even better. We paired them with wine. Scout’s honor: every single pairing straight-up rules.

Lemonades // Sauvignon Blanc

Tangy lemon, meet tangier lemon. The citrusy tartness of these shortbread cookies complements the fresh, bright notes characteristic of a good California Sauvignon Blanc — and our 2015 Pacificana takes the game to a new level with a weighty, smooth palate that balances the crumbly, savory bread situation happening in Lemonades. It’s a match made in dessert heaven.

Trefoils // Grenache Blanc

Shortbread might be über-traditional, but Grenache Blanc sure ain’t. Bready with a touch of sweetness, these cookies need a wine with heft and depth to offset their savory density. Enter Grenache Blanc! A lesser-known white Rhône variety, Grenache Blanc uniquely juggles texture, body, minerality, and aromatics with refreshing brightness and complex notes of nutty vanilla. Give this duo a go with our 2014 Capuchon “Fifille” Grenache Blanc.

Samoas // Super Tuscan

Toasted coconut, chewy caramel, and dark chocolate? Yeah, we’ll take it. The Samoa’s got a lot going on, so for a pairing you need an aged wine with the complexity to stand up to those flavors — and a Super Tuscan with a few years under its belt will do the trick! Characteristics that come with aging such as notes of dried fruit, Tootsie Roll, and cocoa powder provide a palette that’s perfect to slap a few Samoas on. Try our 2012 La Forza Super Tuscan.

Thin Mints // Intense red blends

Oh, sweet lord of desserts! Arguably the most famous and popular of all the Girl Scout Cookies, Thin Mints have that addictive quality that makes it way too easy to eat an entire box in a matter of minutes. Chocolate and mint combine for a satisfying, oddly refreshing treat that chocolate lovers across the country go mad for. The only thing to drink with a distinguished cookie such as the Thin Mint? A deep, intense red blend tailor-made for chocolate. We recommend our 2014 Alchymist Noir.

Tagalongs // Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon blend

Tagalongs are the Girl Scout version of Reese’s. In other words, they’re boss. Luscious and rich, this killer chocolate-peanut-butter combination gets an extra oomph from the crunchy cookie embedded in the center. Peanut butter’s a little difficult to match with wine, so you’ll need something with a full body, good structure, and present tannins. Our suggestion? A classic Aussie Shiraz-Cab blend, like our 2014 Dinky-Di.

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