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Wine-ter is coming! To celebrate the return of the biggest show in the TV realm, we paired the Game of Thrones houses with wine. (We thought about doing characters, but pairing Cersei with vino would’ve been like pairing a goat with food; it’ll eat anything.) The night might be dark and full of terrors, but you’ll be as happy as Sansa eating lemon cake with these dynamic duos. Get the pairings below! 

DISCLAIMER: Light spoilers included! Please don’t read if you’re not caught up.

THE HOUSE // Baratheon

THE WINE // Malbec

After last season, it’s hard to say what’ll become of House Baratheon (our money’s on Stannis definitely not being dead, though). Because the members of the Baratheon family — Renly, Robert, Shireen, Stannis, Joffrey (yes, we know he was really a Lannister) — were all so wildly different, this one was hard. We went with Malbec for the difference in nuance and complexity its age can bring.

THE HOUSE // Lannister

THE WINE // Bordeaux blend

The Lannisters are a house of many personalities, but they’re best-known in Westeros for their wealth and power — as well as their cunning and arrogance. The most obvious parallel in the wine world? The Bordeaux blend. Luxurious and a bit elitist, they tend to be expensive and can even be a little intimidating — but if you take a closer look, you’ll realize they actually come in all flavors and at all price tags. (There’s a “Lannister always pays his debts” joke here; we just can’t think of it.)

THE HOUSE // Stark

THE WINE // French Syrah

In many ways, the Starks function as the emotional center of Game of Thrones. Ned and Robb Stark, two of the best-loved figures in the series, were brutally taken from us in two of the most memorable, WTF-just-happened scenes in TV history. Arya Stark and Jon Snow continue to headline the list of favorite show characters season after season, and Sansa’s storyline has evolved into something truly heart-wrenching. The real way we think of the Starks, though, is as the familial embodiment of Robb’s last moniker: the “King of the North.” The only choice for a wine pairing? A French Syrah, where the grape happens to rule in that part of the country.

THE HOUSE // Targaryen

THE WINE // Napa Cabernet

The Targaryen sigil is a dragon, the family motto is “fire and blood,” and the only living member of the Targaryen clan (that we know of) is Daenerys — aka one of the fiercest characters on television. For this pairing, we went with a Napa Cabernet, both because of the pedigree its name conjures and because of its classic power and boldness.

THE HOUSE // Tyrell

THE WINE // Riesling

Over the past couple seasons, the Tyrells have become bigger and bigger players in King’s Landing. Margaery (Joffrey Baratheon’s widow who’s now married to his younger brother Tommen) is outwardly all charm and sweetness, but she has a clever, cutting edge lurking just beneath the surface. The wine world match? Riesling. Most people think it’s sweet, but those in the know are well aware of its surprisingly bright acidity and refreshing bite. Plus, it’s straight-up delightful to drink — just like Margaery’s grandmother Olenna is delightful to watch, thanks to that seriously sharp tongue.

All posters in our pictures were downloaded and printed from HBO's website.

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