A Wine Crafted Through Debts of Gratitude and Lessons Learned

Category: Drink

Debts & Lessons Riesling is crafted through debts of gratitude and lessons learned. From the stone-strewn Zabala Vineyard in Monterey, Debts & Lessons is beautifully balanced between acidity and sweetness, making it a wine that both novice and veteran wine drinkers alike can enjoy. Read on to learn more about how this Riesling introduces a note of reflection to the simple act of enjoying a bottle of wine.


Wine is not the work of one person, but the combined persistence of a parade of people. Woven into the fabric of each bottle of this wine is the amalgamated influence of my family, friends, educators, mentors, peers, co-workers, and every hand and mind along the way.  I owe unpayable debts of gratitude to them all and I continue to learn life’s most potent lessons through our shared successes and failures.

And this wine is meant to be shared, either in thought or in person, with loved ones who have contributed to the beauty of our lives. It’s my hope that Debts and Lessons affords an avenue to ponder an appreciation and celebration of life.  I’ve kept my first bottle to share with my mom, to whom I owe the greatest of debts.