The 9 Most Common Wine Mistakes

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Getting the most out of each bottle is important. Avoid these common mistakes to make sure you're getting the best glass possible. 

1. Driving to the store to pick up wine
Why deal with the hassle of going to the store to pick up wine at the last minute? Buy wine online or join a wine club and get it delivered right to your door. Then you can always have wine on hand! Whether you are heading to a dinner party or having friends over, you don’t want to be caught empty handed.

2. Serving wine at the wrong temperature
If a wine is too cold, you can stunt some of the fruit flavors and you won’t be able to taste its full expression. On the other hand, if you serve wine too hot, the wine can taste unbalanced and the alcohol will be more pronounced. Ultimately, the right temperature to serve your wine at is all about your personal preference, so experiment and figure out how you like to drink it.

3. Keeping a bottle for too long once you’ve opened it.
Wine has an expiration date once you’ve opened it, so if a wine tastes flat after a few days, it might be too old. In order to make your wine last longer, put it in the fridge (reds or whites alike), use a wine pump, or use a wine preservation gas. Also, if you ever have any wine leftover, you can freeze it to use as ice cubes in a drink or to use it to cook with in a recipe.

4. Not experimenting
There are a world of different grape varieties out there, not to mention all the different combinations of blends. Why would you just stick to one - or a few favorites - when there is a vast selection of wines to try? Try experimenting a bit and see what suites your fancy! Take a Palate Profile quiz to help you discover a new wine to try.

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5. Using the same wine glass for everything
What glass you serve wine in really does make a difference when it comes to how it smells and tastes. Not that you need a different glass for every type of wine ever made, but it’s nice to have a few different glass options. It’s fun to experiment and see for yourself how much difference a glass makes. Believe it or not, the wine will taste differently in each one.

6. Pairing the wrong food with wine
Pairing a dish with the wrong wine can completely ruin its taste. But getting a pairing right has the ability to elevate the experience to a completely new flavor level. It's worth doing a little research to get the perfect pairing. Here are 2 No-Fail tips for food and wine pairing. Like wine glasses and temperature, as long as it works for you, you can always bend the rules a bit.

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7. Pouring too much wine into a glass
Whether you are a wine expert or not, sometimes it’s fun to get your swirl on! Swirling the wine releases more of its aromas and whether you can pick out specific flavors or not, it’s always good to get a whiff of a wine. After all, scent is the most important of tasting! Don’t over-pour your glass or you might end up with it all over your shirt.

8. Aging wine for too long
Most wine is made to be enjoyed within a couple years of purchase. No need to store your wine for decades before you get to enjoy it. It’s always a good idea to have a small stash of wine when an unexpected occasion arises, but most wine can be bought and enjoyed soon after purchase. Don't let dust form on your bottles before drinking them!

9. Storing wine in warm places
If you store wine at warm temperatures for too long, it can degrade the wine and reduce the strength of its flavors. The best place to store wine is in a dark and cool place - the ideal temperature is around 55 degrees. One option is the back of a closet because it tends to get less light than the rest of a house. Ultimately, the most important thing is to keep wine at a constant temperature, so it’s better for it to stay around room temperature rather than taking it in and out of the fridge.