Big News Inside: We've Rebranded!

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We founded Club W to make the wine experience better. When we launched the world’s first personalized wine club in 2012, we made it easier than ever for you to discover and buy wine. Four years and more than four million bottles later, we’re so much more than a club. We’re excited to announce that Club W is rebranding as Winc — a transition that reflects the full scope of who we are, what we do, and where we’re headed.

This change won’t happen overnight. For the next few months, it’ll be business as usual: you’ll still be able to choose your wines and manage your account at The first change you’ll notice is the new Winc-branded box your wines will arrive in. To learn more about everything we’re working on — and to read regular dispatches on our blog — we invite you to visit

At Winc, we’re reimagining every aspect of wine, from the art and science of how it’s made to the packaging it comes in to how it’s sold, distributed, and, most importantly, enjoyed. We’re doing all this in our quest to improve the experience for wine drinkers, create a platform for artisanal winemaking, and build a grape-to-glass supply chain that’s sustainable for the planet.

As a brand, Winc still embodies our founding goal to make wine approachable and accessible. It also encompasses a broader desire to make great wines with passion and pride, and to bring transparency, honesty, innovation, and curiosity to an age-old product and an archaic distribution system. The boldness of these goals notwithstanding, the Winc brand is also a nod to the irreverent and distinctly optimistic spirit we’ve always had.

We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and how much we’ve grown. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we know you’ll be as excited as we are for everything Winc has in store.


Xander Oxman

CEO & Co-Founder