Behind the Scenes of Viral Hit Summer Water

Category: Drink

Inspired by the blissful state of mind that is rosé, Summer Water has built a devoted following among influencers and casual drinkers alike. Beginning with the introduction of Summer Water’s first vintage in 2014, it remains synonymous with the light hearted spirit of summertime, and only continues to grow in popularity.

With the fastest growing rosé program in the United States, Winc knows what goes into creating a great bottle of rosé. Rosé is one of the most technically challenging wines to make and it requires hitting precise picking windows in the vineyard and precise techniques in the winery to end up with the proper color as well as fruit and acid balance.

The man behind the pink drink is our Director of Winemaking, Ryan Zotovich, and Summer Water’s ongoing success is a direct testament to Ryan’s dedication to quality and consistency. A great deal of prep work is required, and Ryan goes the extra mile to ensure that all aspects of the winemaking process are closely managed. This involves everything from getting his hands dirty in the vineyard, to making sure the grapes are pressed as soon as possible, to overseeing bottling.

The grapes that are used were picked specifically for Summer Water, and Ryan and the winemaking team use the direct press method to retain he delicate fruit aromas and pale color that rosé is well-known for. When asked about his process, Ryan said, “Proper care and attention to detail are essential. We don’t do juice bleeds and we don’t blend white with red wine. The final blend is a composition of Grenache and Syrah. Grenache is one of best varietals to make ros with because it’s aromatic and fruity with great structure. The Syrah portion is for texture and color.”

The result of Ryan’s labor of love is a lean and refreshing rosé with notes of strawberry, pink grapefruit and white peach. Why does Ryan believe Summer Water has become such a viral hit? “It’s a serious ros that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”