Rosé on Display // Behind-the-Scenes of Funk Zone Rosé with KFiSH

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The ultra-creative, genre-defying Funk Zone returns with our first-ever Funk Zone Rosé! That's right, kids — we've tossed the rulebook out the window to bring you a rosé in February. Hold up, though: a new Funk Zone release isn't complete without a fresh label from our collaboration partner Kelcey Fisher (aka KFiSH). If you love the previous work he's done for us, wait until you see this one; it just might be the most eye-catching label ever to see the light of day. Check out the pictures below for a behind-the-scenes look!

KFiSH gets to work, first shooting pictures of model Kat Dee. (PS — Follow KFiSH on Instagram to keep track of his latest projects!)

Things get funky as the duo experiment with looks.

Instagram // @kfishla

After he's tranformed his chosen photo into a giant print, he puts his signature KFiSH flair to canvas (with Kat's help!).

Instagram // @kfishla

Proudly standing with the finished Funk Zone Rosé art, as well as our new custom Funk Zone boxes!

Instagram // @kfishla

Signing prints of the psychedelic piece for his legion of fans.

Instagram // @kfishla

Tasting the finished product, and getting psyched about our new Funk Zone corks! 

The newest addition to the Funk Zone family — right where it belongs.

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