Meet the Artist: Objet d'Art Pinot Noir's Thomas Hammer

Category: Life

New York-based visual artist and painter Thomas Hammer is best-known for his mesmerizing ink-on-paper pieces, which he creates using a homemade object he describes as a fusion of a squeegee and a brush. His work has been featured in Architectural Digest and at several prestigious art fairs and galleries around the country, including X Contemporary and the Affordable Art Fair with Saatchi.

After falling in love with his art, we asked Thomas to design a custom piece for the label of our first Objet d'Art release, a new brand in which we're collaborating with artists on works that reflect the wines within the bottles — and what he came up with beautifully encapsulates the complex-yet-concentrated style we aimed to achieve in this Pinot. Head to our website to snag a few bottles of Thomas's wine-bottle debut, and watch our exclusive interview with him below.