3 Guilt-Free Dessert and Wine Pairings

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It’s always been our stance that wine should be paired with any and all special occasions. Such as birthdays, holidays (like National Dessert Day), and you know...on a Tuesday.

We feel the same way about dessert, especially when it’s paired with wine. And, especially when the recipes are as delicious (and healthy!), as these from Terra’s Kitchen. Browse through Wine Director, Katie Owen’s top 3 guilt-free pairings:

1. Quick Salted Caramel Sauce and Apple Slice Dippers ~ Field Theory Albariño 

Ingredients: crisp apple slices + finishing salt, warm buttery caramel

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"The apple and salted caramel combo matches the notes of green apple in the wine while delivering a little extra sweetness and richness from the caramel that will go great with this not-too-dry but not-too-sweet albariño. It’s a perfect match!" -Katie

2. Stovetop Blueberry Crisp ~ The Bluffer Valdiguié

Ingredients: buttery granola + warm sweet blueberries

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"The Bluffer is such a unique and interesting wine, and the best thing about it is its generous, warm, brambly fruit characters. It’s comforting, like this stovetop blueberry crisp. The two together are a wealth of juicy fruit flavors, topped off with the buttery granola that brings the “crisp” to this dish. De-licious." -Katie

3. Honey Caramelized Pineapple with Mint Yogurt Sauce ~ Finke's Widow Sparkling White Blend

Ingredients: charred pineapple, vanilla yogurt + fresh mint

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"This sparkling is the perfect accompaniment to the caramelized pineapple. The sweetness of the honey and caramelization will be a great balance to the acidity in the wine and the pineapple, and with the mint yogurt sauce, the pairing as a whole is so fresh and light." -Katie

We can’t help but say, “yes, please!” when simple and healthy recipes can be delivered to our door. So, next time you’re craving something boozy and sweet, know that your wine club is there for you - and Terra’s Kitchen, too.

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