#NOCAPSULES: Winc Wine's Sustainability Initiative!

We're getting rid of wine capsules. Watch our video to find out why!

So, you want to make a difference?

Enter, 1% for the Planet, an incredibly impactful global movement that brings together businesses and individuals to give back to the environment. We teamed up with them to donate one percent of all our Pacificana® sales towards sustainable efforts. In other words, every time you sip a Pacificana® wine, you’re making a difference. It’s wine delivery with a cause!

Women's History Month Event: Winc x Novella NYC

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we are constantly looking for creative ways to show our support and uplift our fellow females. What greater reason is there to ‘cheers’ than sisterhood, anyway? Learn more about the Winc x Novella NYC involvement.

Q&A: Women in Winemaking at Winc

Historically, winemaking has been a male-dominated industry. Today, women are shaking up the the wine world - even here at Winc!

What It's Really Like To Work For Winc Wine Club: Your 9-5 Is Wine

At Winc, this March we're celebrating National Women's History Month. Catch a glimpse of what a day in the life looks like when your job for an online wine club is wine all the time. Cheers!

Reasons to Love Wine

Learn more about Robert Daughtery, Assistant Winemaker at Winc wine club: My love of wine and how it has woven itself into my life has taught one truth as pure as the driven snow: that wine exists to be loved. I hope that sharing some of my reasons to love wine will help you to find your own.

5 Book And Wine Pairings That Are Perfect For Any Valentine

Thanks to our friends at Penguin Publishing Group, you can follow our hearts below for a few reads and wine recommendations (obviously!) of this kind for any Valentine. Enjoy!

From Your Wine Club: TLC

When it comes to the tender, loving care of making wine there’s nothing more important than quality grapes. A significant amount of our winemaking team’s labor is focused on discovering vineyards of renown and building relationships with viticulturists we respect.

3 Things You Didn't Know About Wine & Chocolate Pairing

Like they say, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3 - and pairing wine and chocolate can be, too. So, keep these three things in mind and celebrate a month of love (and chocolate) with us.